Weird things you see as being common

Solo pub trips
Eating all of an apple
Curry for breakfast


Handful of jelly beans swallowed, with water, as if they were pills ahead of a morning run


1.366 billion people can’t be wrong

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Paying more than £3 for a cup of coffee.

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An absolutely fine thing


Eating orange peel.

It’s something my mum always did, so I always do…apparently it’s weird.

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To elaborate, going to a good old pub, taking a book, maybe a bit of background music and having a read with a couple of pints = bliss


Yeah I love it.

Thread title is misleading really was just mirroring the other thread.

These are things that I have been called weird for doing but enjoy to do, and do regularly

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Ohh I totally misinterpreted

Agree with this. Not something I get to do very often, but when I do I really enjoy it.

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meeting up with people from an internet messageboard

(used to live with a guy I met on a video game forum, one of my best pals now. people meet on tinder, get over it everyone!)


My first flatmate in London was someone I met via livejournal. Not sure when I would’ve left home if they hadn’t posted about needing someone to share a place with. Still in contact nearly 20yrs later as well.

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Regularly doing 200km+ bike rides

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I can’t remember if you have a jar or just a packet at a time

I have a jar of course!

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what brand of jelly beans do you normally buy?

Well, in all honesty Teckers, I haven’t run for about 18 months, am in the worst shape of my life and I barely feel like a person who exists unless I’m “at work” so I’m currently jelly-beanless but, ordinarily my preferred brand is “it varies”

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I’m sorry to hear that but I would say that my local Sainsbos (Sainsbury’s) has recently started stocking American dessert Jelly Bellys and I would describe them as alright

Are they stuff like “Strawberries & Cream flavour!” and “Mama’s Cherry Pie flavour!” etc etc?