Weird things you thought when you were a kid



When anyone talked about feelings, for example in quality dramas, when someones feelings were hurt, I would have an image in my head of a sack full of creamy rice pudding near the stomach. This is what I thought feelings were.


These don’t actually have to be weird.


I thought Russia was made of money. Like, just everything was made out of coins and gold.


Like, everything from footpaths and buildings to cutlery? I like this one, wonder where you got it from.


Yep. I have vivid memories of drawing it when I was in primary school.


I thought the world actually looked like those old-timey maps and all the countries were pastel shades and had their names and the names of major cities written across them in fancy lettering.


pirate videos were smuggled in by actual pirates


pony was a baby horse


when driving at night my dad said he dipped the headlights when other cars were coming so he wouldn’t blind them

thought they would literally get their eyeballs fried. was pretty careful not to look at oncoming cars just in case after that.


yes I also thought this!!!


I thought the key to happiness and a good life was academic success. NOTHING was more important than being clever.



Thought that ATMs just gave out unlimited money, would ask my mum why she never just withdrew £1000 every time.


Thought the black market was like a secret, (literally) underground (literally) market where people had market stalls selling organs and passports and weapons


i absolutely thought this.

i mean it feels like it could still be true though


I remember getting Rasputin and Rumplestiltskin confused, and when asked to write about a fairy tale at primary school I wrote some weird shit about Rasputin. Ended up with the school calling my Mum in to have a little chat.

Dunno why I had heard Rasputin then tho



Yeah that’s probably it


I thought soaps were dpcumentaries. Scarily I was a teenager when I fully realised they weren’t. I just never thought about it I guess.


I think we’ve discovered something that (almost) equals other peoples dreams in terms of boringness.


I had a dream about a disser last night. was going to post about it but then remembered everyone hates hearing about dreams.