WEird things you've seen people do recently

In my office loads of people arrive before I do at 8:30am, don’t take a full hour for lunch (probs not even 30 mins) and then leave after or at 5.
I’m in at 8:30, take 30 mins for lunch, contracted 37 hours and leave bang on 4:30. Weird that people want to work for free. Weird

Also saw some students in the co-op wearing pyjamas and open toed slippers. Why wouldn’t you just put shoes on? Why? Weird



Remember my actual millionaire former boss ranting at me about the sheer cheek of the £20k admin staff for running out the door of the practice that he, the boss, directly profits from and which they do not, at five o’clock sharp.

Could only look at him like he’s an idiot and walk off.


Wish I could just work my contracted hours - quarter to 9 til quarter past 3


Security guard came over to the bit in the office lobby where there are sofas and speakers, bluetoothed in and started playing All I Want For Christmas Is You, totally straight faced. Last week.


i work about 6 and a half hours and get paid 8. dont tell anyone.

Think I could start leaving at 3:30 and nobody would say anything. Just have to do it with confidence

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A lot of people work way over their hours, I don’t think it’s about wanting to work for free.


MrS asked, in full seriousness, if we get overtime for parents evening.

Oh civil servants, how lucky and niave you are


People wearing shorts when it is freezing. I mean, why?

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Every time I see your mention of MrS, I get the Arrested Development ‘Mr F.’ Theme in my head. Gives whatever you say a sense of suspense.


I’ve been working on a production I won’t name and we can actually very credibly charge overtime if our lunch break is late or shorter than an hour (which it almost always is). This is a bit of a shock to the system in an industry where I’m more used to being looked at like someone who’s deserted the military if I don’t work at least 16 hours in a work day and don’t mention extra money. Anyway I will charge over-time for overtime but do not have the cojones to add charges to my invoices for a late lunch break

Absolutely no memory of this!?

Maybe calling it a theme is a bit much but it played every time he was mentioned


Not being harsh, but absolutely none of the people I’m thinking of have any pressing deadlines or commitments. They could leave on time, they just…don’t. Weird

I guess it’s part of that slightly destructive work culture we’re inheriting of idolising people who work with maximum productivity / 100 hours a week / etc. Coerces a lot of people into over-working. Everyone wants to be a layer higher on the pyramid scheme of capitalism and for some people the amount of time they spend at work is almost the only way they can imagine making it happen

Bloody teachers and your holidays!

Richly deserved, observed.


Probably end up about 15-20 minutes over each day.

We come in 5 or 10 minutes early to get a handover from the other shift, only problem is the idiot in charge of the other team will turn up bang on 7 if we’re lucky.

We’ve started doing the handover with the bloke who does turn up nice and early and passing the team leader most of the way back to the car park.

Went past a cafe yesterday that described itself as having a great “coffee concept”

You want to know about my working hours? Well I arrive somewhere between 60-90 minutes before my start time and leave 40 minutes before my official end time.