Weird things


When you eat a mint how come you can’t drink water afterwards or it’s really painful?


Nothing worse than a glass of orange squash after a mint/brushing your teeth.




Reckon a torn achilles would be worse


Don’t be like that.

(Weirdly I am literally looking into a bug regarding a torn achilles AS WE SPEAK!)


doubt it


Don’t think bugs have achilles tendons


@marckee can you tell me why water is painful after eating mint please?


You are really hard work sometimes.


my mate ate so many mints he couldn’t move

apparently it was polio




Is Trebor named for someone called Robert?

(It is not mentioned where the name comes from on the Wiki page).


Trebor, it turns out, did not get its moniker by reversing the name of founder Robert Robertson, but from Trebor Terrace, the name of the site it took on



BUT! Trebor Terrace may well have been named after the street’s builder, one Robert Cooper:

Good hustle team.


i remember Crazy Monkey doing this on mtv2 and not realisig it was a spoof of Jackass and that sort of thing, thought it was well lame


This is because the mint binds to fats which coat receptors on your tongue which taste bitter flavours and removes them so things like OJ taste extra bitter.


thanks for this!


A bit like


It’s my favourite knowledge nugget. Take any opportunity to crowbar it into conversation, particularly if the TV is there as she’s heard it loads of times.


it’s a great one and makes you sound really smart.

Keep using it wherever possible!