Weird tracking amazon thingy

I was on my laptop earlier tonight and I went to amazon in another tab on chrome by clicking on my toolbar bookmark and there was a weird end bit on the bookmark

Something like blah ref=drownedinsou

What the fridge?


That is weird. Will try to look into it tomorrow — feel free to remind me if you don’t hear anything!

Don’t know if @1101010 or anyone else has any idea what this might be?

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Not sure.

Looking here

It sounds like you have managed to get Sean’s affiliate link involved in your purchasing which means micropennies towards site costs from any purchase made.


Very weird.

Do I get special board powers now too?

Isn’t this the link that lets DiS earn money from stuff you buy through Amazon?

I remember setting a bookmark up at one point but I really try not to use Amazon now.

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Could be. Did I do this philanthropy in my sleep? I’m so generous and giving I forget all of my good deeds?


This is correct. It’s not much but it’s paid for me to buy tracks to play on DiS’ radio show and buy some bits of equipment, as well as cover the cost of the image hosting server.