Weird World Championships near you (lol, whacky)

World Conker Championships

World Pea Shooting Championships

Not a lot to do in Cambridgeshire/Northamptonshire, alright??

thought so

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If anyone’s near Roseville, Minnesota this weekend, the final (official) Android: Netrunner world championship is this weekend.

You’re welcome.

Will be fascinating to see who picks up that one of a kind playmat this year!

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I hope it’s someone who I’ve lost to in the past, so I can feel better about myself for having lost to a world champion.

Actually I really just hope it’s not an American.

The Hallaton Bottle Kicking:

A largely pointless medieval sport which thousands of people go along to watch every year. I’ve been to watch it once. Found it boring. Couldn’t have a drink as I was driving. Never been back.

I accept this isn’t really a ‘World Championships’ but, um, it’s the only event of its sort in the world.

Can see Wilfy Horig back to backing it this year.

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Big fan of the Wilfster. Big, big fan.

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The World Water Bombing Championships

The World Coal Carrying Championships

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@anon50098204 you get pea shooting; we get pea throwing:

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‘home cooked food’ ‘chef’


Proud to say I live near the cheese rolling

difficult to see past gregory tongue for the title

I dunno, he’s an outsider choice for sure, but I think he might be a bit too “whacky” for the meta to go the whole way.

watching a video of netrunner and is there a reason the players are constantly shuffling their cards?

Mainly it’s a tic, but the runner frequently gets to “access” cards from the corps hand, so it’s a good way to make sure it’s randomised.

Also so you don’t give away information about how long a card has been in your hand.

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bloody hell.

is wearing sunglasses to mask tells considered poor form in the community?

Yeah, you’d get laughed out of the place for that. I went to a tournament with the tail end of a migraine once and wore sunglasses between rounds because the fluorescent lights were killing me, but I still took them off for my games because nobody wants to be That Guy.

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