Weirdest compliments you've received?

some girl said I had nice arms. she was talking about my lower arms. wasn’t quite sure how to take this, but I semi-lapped it up anyway

You’ve got just the right amount of scars on your face.

hhmmmnn thanks.

“He thinks very carefully before speaking.”


Or the classic from my gf not long after we met: “you’re not at all charming”. She claims she meant that I’m genuine, but I think she was right the first time.

“You have very nice foreign skin”

got arms recently which was nice

helps with tying your shoes, I imagine

Asked if I had viking blood in me, then told I had “brutality” in my eyes
I’m actually not even sure this counts as a compliment but it seemed like it was meant to be

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‘Perfect eyebrows’ from someone who didn’t have any…

Very strange, besides, loads of bald men tend to be buff tbqh

Genuinely can’t remember a complement I’ve received. Not even :fishing_pole_and_fish:!

nice (red) trousers and rocking chair dude

Cheers bud :+1:

“Really dark eyelashes.”

Not sure it was actually a compliment, but pretty sure it wasn’t an insult.

Alright, James Blunt!

You’re right :disappointed_relieved:

Are you tall?

If so, you’re very tall!

Man told me and my friend we looked “really haberdashery”. We looked back at him confused. Turns out he thought it was some kind of adjective to do with being arty or something, rather than a shop that sells ribbons and wool and the like.


Fairly tall, yes.

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Totally Mexico

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three people who don’t know each other have told me I’d make a good dad one day.:scream: