Weirdest gifts you've ever received

Ever received any bizarre gifts? This is the thread to tell everyone about it!

A box of pears

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Yeah my mum gave me and my brothers matching sparkly thongs for Christmas

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For my 18th birthday I got a set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pyjamas off my grandma.


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Not sure if the gifts themselves were bizarre, that I can recall, but had some bizarre circumstances surrounding them. There was a gift a few years ago that I’ll try to find photos of but I may be some time…

My brother got me some gloves for Christmas once because he was worried that my fingers were cold from cycling around outside so much

They were fingerless gloves


Never found out who D was either


Swiss girl I’m seeing recently created a storyboard, complete with pictures, for my birthday about an alien monster called Pukul who chased cats around Zurich until he met a tiger and decided to move to England.

Mad as a box of frogs.



some kind of goat thong, can’t remember what I did with it now

Did you put it on a goat?

I didn’t, sorry

Yes, a secret santa from close friend was this sumo toy from flying tiger. I was genuinely offended. Which part of me looks like I want a sumo toy? Is she calling me a sumo?? What grown woman wants a sumo toy??? I didn’t get it, I accepted it graciously incase it was a genuine but misplaced sentiment but was baffled and slightly resentful bc this friend does make digs at others in the group so it may well have been a mean joke

In a previous place of work someone got the line manager in secret santa a massive dog bone “because you’re [his wife’s name]'s bitch”. Still tickles me the memory of him walking across the shop floor carrying it. So, so thankful I wasn’t present for the unwrapping of that. Don’t think I’d have survived the extreme awkwardness.

Obviously got immediately distracted.

Years ago a guy on twitter sent me a photo of some graffiti and he just said “this is where I’m hiding your present”. A few days later I happened to spot the graffiti around the back of band on the wall and could see something on top of the hoardings it was on. There was a pallet propped up against it so I had to use it as a ladder to climb up and on top he’d left a note saying “the world needs more interesting and interested people” and there was a necklace that I’d wanted for ages.