Weirdest named pub you've been in

The one in Kingston?

The King’s Tun in Kingston - not enough shit puns for pub names imo

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The Pint Shop.

Hate that name.


Weirdest name so far

Ugh it’s actually “Pint Shop”. No definite article. Even worse


Used to quite like the name of The Reckless Engineer near Bristol Temple Meads. Pub is still there, but now its called something boring. Think its The Sidings

Shite pub

The (insert random word beginning with F) and Firkin in numerous towns in the 90s.

Frog, Founder and Fawn spring to mind as at least some of these i visited.


The Goat And Tricycle in Bournemouth


Brilliant pub! I heard it was closing tho? Hope that’s not the case.

Not a bad name imo

Oh, Sorry, I didn’t read the opening post, I just thought it was weird names! IGNORE! IGNORE!

There’s a pub in Chester called the Marlbororough Arms. The sign writers accidentally put in an extra “or” when repainting the sign and the then owners decided to keep it as a talking point.


Not least because most of the serves are 2/3s!

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There used to be a pub called Tommy Ducks in Manchester. It was called Tommy Duckworth’s but, similar story, a sign writer underestimated the width of the gable end.

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Not been in, but…

Auld Reekie Tavern
Haunch of Venison
Paddy’s Goose
Jolly Angler
Cheshire Cheese
Land o’ Cakes
Turks Head

ooh i quite like this actually.

reminds me of my young nephew who calls restaurants “the dinner shop”.

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The Bleeding Horse in Dublin always feels like a fairly macabre name

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The Black Cock Inn

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Been in a ‘Swan With Two Necks’ and a ‘Gate Hangs Well’. Thought they both sound like reasonable enough pub names tbf.

A couple of unusual ones near us are the ‘Paper Duck’ and the ‘Great Stone’ - the latter named after the glacial erratic that’s in the beer garden.