Weirdest named pub you've been in

The Leg Of Mutton And Cauliflower.

Is that in Nottingham?

Peveril of the Peak for me.

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The Swinging Witch in Northwich. I never went in as when I lived there in the early 90s I was warned not to (especially as I wasn’t a local) as it had quite the reputation as rough af and fighty. A quick google and it looks like they’ve cleaned it up now after a few name and owner changes.

Off the top of my head, The Cat and Mutton.

Used to cycle past a place called Scoff & Banter on the way to uni - it might be a chain, and it might not even be a pub, but this thread has reminded me of it and made me very angery

Just remembered there’s an ex-flatroof pub, now Desi pub around the corner from my parents’ house called The Fiery Holes.

Excellent name for a pub/curryhouse hybrid, that.

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If I ever own a pub I’m gonna call it The dog and bollock

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The House of Trembling Madness is still there. Clive was there on Thursday. They have opened a second pub not too far away from the original as well.

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The Bleeding Heart Tavern in the Holborn end of Clerkenwell in London.



There’s a pub in Dalston that just kept the name of a former business that was on the premises: Farr’s School of Dancing.

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There used to be a pub in Welling, just about in London, called Fanny on the Hill.

Don’t in my family’s neck of the woods, in the Medway Towns in Kent, there was a pub called The Who’d Ha’ Thought It. No idea if it’s still there.

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Sorry Guv :confused:

If I ever ran a pub it would have to be called The Kebab and Calculator after The Young Ones.

Probably strangest for me is the OP, when I was a student up there.

Maybe not the weirdest, but the shittest would’ve been The Pub off Oxford Road in town

Used to have to text ‘We’re in the pub The Pub’. An absolute nonsense really.

La Buscatrufa





My student union bar was called The Dogs Bollocks - had apparently been decided by a student vote in boaty mcboatface style and they went through with it.

The Ferret and Radiator

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