Weirdest named pub you've been in

On a similar note, there used to be a village pub called the Headless Woman on one of the A roads in Cheshire. Demolished now, but I remember thinking the sign (similar to that one) was quite creepy when I was a kid.


Alright Phillip Green

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Yes used to be my favourite pub about 10 years ago


image (turns out i got the name slightly wrong)


There’s a (brilliant) pub in Halifax called The Big Six. It was the nearest pub to my house growing up, so I never questioned it until I moved away and realised it’s not quite normal. No idea how it got its name.

Also, as a result I always do a double take every time there’s a story on the news that mentions the big six energy providers.

Do they play a lot of reggae there?

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No music, no telly, just booze.

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ive been in the q inn, its shit

not been in the other one in stalybridge from that list tho, not sure where it is. great name tho

there’s The Pub/Zoo opposite the Deaf Institute, think its changed its name now to something less shit (literally anything)

the flour and flagon

thats it. decidedly more nondescript eh

Someone’s sent me a friend request on FB and I’ve checked out their profile to see if I know them etc. One of their likes is a pub in Twickenham called The Barmy Arms.

Kryivka in Lviv. Not sure you could call it a pub though.