Weirdest thing you've seen lately


I was eating a sandwich walking through hatton garden and a shop had this in the window:




I saw that too.

Kinda creeped me out.


maybe i should become a sculptor? reckon i could do better than that





seen the Gareth Bale follow up to @profk’s Ronaldo one?


:joy: omg


Disappointed it’s not quite as fucked up as CR7’s but still WAY off :smiley:


that’s what i’m thinking. they didn’t even bother with the legs.


Clearly got halfway through doing one of Clay from Sons of Anarchy and then realised he could make a bit of scratch off Welsh nationalism.


was having a shower at the swimming pool and there was a guy at the far end of the changing area just standing facing me looking right at me the whole time. didn’t seem creepy but just like someone who had no awareness that doing that would seem creepy.

oops wrong thread… this was a weird thing to see though


Definitely apt
I sometimes stare into space quite often and realise I’ve probably looked a bit odd but to do that in a swimming baths seems… weird.


Went to see West Side Story at Nottingham Theatre Royal last Friday. The guy who played Tony was a big fella, I mean big: 6’3’’ and over 20st. Took four of The Jets and two of The Sharks to carry him off at the end when he died


A dog with a poo hanging out of its hole


I did, but obviously nothing on the ronaldo original. seems as though he has a real problem with spacing the eyes correctly.


I don’t think that there was anything wrong with it, it just got interrupted I think




I too often stare into space. I think at a swimming pool I would be acutely aware of not looking weird though, so this does strike me as particularly odd.


A squirrel chilling in a bin. Not particularly weird i’ll grant you


If you wanted to use this bin would you just hand the scamp your litter? I would.