Weirdnessday Thread



Which do you prefer to be greeted by? I think the latter although it’s rarely happened to me. Very Biggles era isn’t it?

Warm today. Combination of weather and summer cold have brought me out in the raging sweats this morning. Most unpleasant. I’m like a pimp on a ferris wheel.

Today I have a 1-2-1 with my new manager and need to start on the actions from my meeting on Friday. Rest of the day likely to be spent sneezing and spluttering like Gumdrop on his day out to Bosham with Josiah Hardcastle.

Fair thee all well today.

I think I prefer the standard ‘Hello’ tbh, i think that Hullo is a bit tryhard or something. idk.

I’ve got a kognity to do today so obviously I’ll be on DiS all day.

Been really enjoying listening to the Vince Staples record on my way to work, it’s a good start to the day.

Later I’m going to eat roast chicken.

Morning. I am coincidentally having a one to one with my new manager today, although just by Skype in advance of an actual meeting in a couple of weeks time.

Other than that, will be report writing and listening to the tennis. Off to see Angels in America at the national tonight which I’m looking forward to. Second part in a couple of weeks, with a holiday in between :slightly_smiling_face:

Good morning. I’m having a cup of coffee after taking a couple days off, feels good maaaaan. Work will be a shiter but what else is new.

I have no hello/hullo preference.

I toyed with ‘howdy’ when I was younger.

Not much on at the moment. Plans for some drinking with pals on Friday though which is always good.


:wave: Hi


Don’t mind.

:no_mouth: What?!

:anguished: You’ve completely lost me.

…I’m drinking some earl grey, it is good.

Earl grey at 8:30am!!!

Yes? Why? What is an appropriate time for earl grey?


mid year review this afternoon, will be fine. theatre tonight darling.

gonna run 5km too.

no preference re: Hello/Hallo/Hullo

After tea i reckon

I watched the crystal maze last night, so I feel like this is some kind of puzzle.

:thinking: errrrrrrrmmmm

@ericthefourth like tea tea, or dinner tea? :smiley:

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Dinner tea!

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Wrrrong. I’m going to go have another. That’s two before 9am! :upside_down_face:

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Absolute staple reading of my boyhood.

The rest of my OP - nothing more than thinking in words.

Thanks! I did try to look it up but google failed me.


I am very very busy. I will probably be on here all day.

*correct form

Alright Bono