Welcome all Daily Mail/Express/Sun Readers!

This is drownedinsound.com!

You can just stay in this thread, not much else going on out there

There’s a music board over their too I guess

(Hi CG)

If you’ve ever read any of those papers you’re a drooling blockheaded prick
(not you wonton, the wider “you”)

This is why we should have a different plural noun for you.

Not sure I could stretch to the Express, but pretty sure I’ve flicked through the other 2 before.

You know, for “research”

pretty sure anyone outside of this site is going to take one look at our inane nonsense and go back to twitter*

*or whatever it is that the cool kids are using, instagram? Probably that.

just set the main page to the cycling thread, will put anyone right off

Shame I can’t bump all these posts;

There’s some excellent potential threads in there.

As someone who studied journalism at university as part of my English degree I understand your contempt for said publications, but don’t become blinkered in your views. Don’t just read what you agree with. If you’re liberal-minded, read The Spectator magazine every so often. If you hold conservative views, read The Guardian now and again.

Has it started :smiley:?

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Either that or CG’s taken a much more literate approach to his latest persona.

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