Welcome to Monday

How are you?
Tiredness level/plans/AOB

Here’s a cat sat on some garlic


Very sleepy. Kiddo was up whining twice in the night. But…

Last day at work for a week/one day until I meat @laelfy/3 days until Green Man!


I’ve never been to Green Man, would love to. Are you taking baby T with you?

First day in work for 2 weeks. It can fuck right off.

We are not. We are having a baby free week! This’ll be number 6 for me.


Good morning scout, all.

Got the week off, waiting for the tv to go to work so i can turn the flat into a recording studio. Might also play some vidya. See you guys in a week.

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there are two Monday threads and I don’t know which one to post in

Still dyin’ :nauseated_face:

Scout’s was 3 mins earlier. Let it be so, mods.

Fuck off Monday.

Had my coffee in my Fuck Off mug and it didn’t help so now I’m out of ideas.


This is my currently state.

Somebody please merge.

What a beautiful day. Isn’t it great to be alive? Have a good one DiS x.

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Fucksake guys, am I going to have to start these threads at 3am to keep you all in line?


How is everybody?

The sister pub to work had a gin fest over the weekend, and last night was a free for all for the staff. So currently I have hungover af and am working at 11:30. :sob:

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My hangover has gone away, so it’s better start than last week.



some bank holiday #vibes in town today. everything is quiet.

(i have noticed the error in my original post but can’t figure out how to edit it).

Update: I gather you can only edit something x amount of mins after you’ve posted it (like i’ve just done to this)

Daytrip to London for work. 5 hours of workshops. Baby woke me up at 5:45 as appears to have become standard. In summary: :sleeping: