Welcome to Monday

There’s two morning thredz

If we post enough here then it will win


I checked as well which shows you how long it took me to post this…

Not really x


Got to leave for work in a minute. Got coffee and a cinnamon roll first though, shouldn’t be too bad a day really but you never know.


It’s only from a Jus-Rol thing but not unpleasant at all.

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I’m off next week and most of the following, but obvs as a result this week is going to be very busy. I also have a trip down to London on Wednesday / Thursday, I volunteered to help out with the induction for some new people on the graduate scheme I was on, which is fine, but also.

My enthusiasm for today is definitely a :unamused:/5, thanks for reading

Off to see BODEGA tonight, gonna boogie to some righteous catchy political post-punk!

Good Fringe and good day yesterday but spent far too much, planning to save any money in August was dumb.

Also out after work to see friends today and tomorrow so won’t get a proper chill time at home til Wednesday - which currently seems like a loooong time away

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Hello DiS.

I haven’t posted in a while, as I’ve been away in Canada.

However, I am now back on this delightful little island, horribly jet lagged, and back at work. This might be my fuck offest of Monday’s ever.


Back to work following a 900 mile round trip to cuddle my nephew this weekend :heart_eyes: I miss his little face already. Coffee time :coffee:


WWYD in canada weebo

Hi weebs!

i miss the good old days when if there were two threads started at the same time it turned into a cut throat battle for supremacy

none of this nicey nice let’s all merge together shite

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Bit of a mammoth holiday/road trip.

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Hi Funkhouser. Y’alright?

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Ooft, i’d love to do that

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Is today a Bank Holiday?

It’s not.

All good thanks, hope you had a great trip.

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pretty sure it’s not. we just had one.

it’s not just me though, right? everything is quiet

Can you let me know how they are. Probably going to see them this weekend, but nice to have a heads up.

This is great

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