Welcome to my thread - INVITE ONLY PLEASE!

I know who I will have invited ok?

Hey Joe whatta you know?

Hello Ant. Did you bring a bottle?


there’s an offie just round the corner. turn left at the banal thread

That’s a very insensitive request for you to make of a teetotaller and you know it, I’m outta here.

Lucozade! It’s fine.

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turnouts not great to be honest


Isotonic sports drinks HERE WE COME!!!

who else shall we invite @Antpocalypsenow and @cutthelights. it’s a bit awkward just the three of us.

Hi guys

think there were some charming blokes in that Chechnya thread

get the fuck out of here mate

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this feels like facebook circa 2008

I don’t see an option for “this person tresspassed on a private thread”

Thank’s for the invite Smee, can only stay for a couple though, got to drive quite early tomorrow morning

we’re on the lucozades mate

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Favourite Brown:

  • Gordon
  • Bear
  • Chorizo
  • James
  • Emmett
  • Ian
  • Phil

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