Welcome to the laboratory! - The Community.drownedinsound.com Experiments Thread


Hello, this is a thread where we experiment with what is achievable here on this website.

Perform experiments in here and we’ll discuss our findings.

First of all, I wonder if tagging a user works if it is in a spoiler, let’s find out!

Please respond to this thread with a screenshot of your notification if you receive one @laelfy or respond to let us know that you didn’t get one if that is the case

You can do less boring experiments too if you want but please stay safe and have fun.


Can you swear on this? Fuck


WHAt would happen if we irl spliced @Antpocalypsenow with beloved disser @cs-eu. Like, joined them at the head and elbows?


Who gets what bit?


Does it still automatically change your password to asterisks? ************


Yes it does! Woah!

Edit: No it does something else apparently




We’re not splitting you up into little bits silly, we’re splicing you, together, forever.


Run this by me again?


Hi Ant,

Here you go:

You trying to talk about me behind my back eh?


Terrific! Thanks very much for your assistance in this matter! Your findings will be logged in the DiS Laboratory Daily Report and will be used for any further experiments moving forward. All the best x




Ok that didn’t work


I’m excited to read your findings regardless, that’s what experiments like this are all about!


Not really an experiment but does everyone know that you can change your settings so that you see every like you get?


That sounds like a perfectly valid experiment to me, can you type up the methodology please?


Please feel free to validate my findings







$ $$$$$$$____$




That wasn’t supposed to be a reply to you, sorry.