Welcome....to the XFL!


Can’t wait to see my childhood team The Seattle Dragons take home the ol’ pigskin.

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Extra Fucking Large

If the checks list St Louis BattleHawks don’t win then I’ll eat my fucking hat.

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New season soon?




By all account the XFL sounded like a good alternative to the NFL

So not the carcrash I had hoped for

Wow there is absolutely naebody at MetLife right now

I have up after a quarter from laughing too hard, did I miss anything?

One of the good things about NFL is the relatively short season, imho. Other sports seem to go on forever. The wait adds to my enjoyment of it. I can’t watch this shite.

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Lol really didn’t think they’d be getting the crowds to warrant cancellation are we sure they not just doing it to seem important?

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seems like a great time to be investing in team sports


Assuming everything is back to normal next year it gives them a full year to give everything this piece of shit wrestling football league needs if its going to ever succeed. It’s also a relative bargain AND Rocky doing his former employer and man who gave him his big break to stardom a favour.

Good deal imo

Mate, you love wrassling, we get it