Welcome to Wednesday

No thread? Stuck on a tube train. Hbu?

Morning :wave:

In no surprise at all shocker, R’s dad messaged last night to say he couldn’t have have him for a full day and only a couple of hours instead today. So I will mostly be rushing around getting a whole day’s worth of stuff done in very limited time. Also posting raffle prizes in between, so there’s that fun bit at least.

Was woken up at 3.30 by a coughing kiddo. Downstairs and playing by 4.15. at work for 7, I’m tired rn.

Been gym for a circuits class and now I’m back in bed trying to snooze but the communal gardening company that come and cut the grass every single week are making a racket. Don’t understand why the grass needs cut every week in November and at 8am. Got a lot of work to do and a flight to Bristol this afternoon. Too much to do, too little time. I should get out of bed really.

Neighbours downstairs having very loud sex at 7:15am

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  • Mischievous

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I thought they’d split up? Or has one of them got someone new now?

It’s a completely new set of neighbours! Just as into banging as the last set, but as a bonus the guy in the relationship is also into playing and singing bad cover versions very loudly.

Also well remembered!


Nearly 2 year old had a bottle of milk before bed and then 2 during the night. Grow up mate!


A work colleague email chain where they’re very casually making holocaust jokes

  • HR
  • call them out
  • Probably just ignore it in all honesty because it’d burn a million bridges

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Hi :wave: today is my 5th wedding anniversary :tada: not sure what we’re doing yet but it’ll probably involve an elaborate meal at some point.


Congratulations :slight_smile:


Morning team!

I’m launching my festival and its crowdfunding campaign today so please everyone send me good vibes or prayers or cross your fingers or whatever. It’s a little bit too exciting right now :scream::scream::scream:

Also it is -4 degrees here today. Bleurgh.


Today is my Friday, but I’m not sure how much use I’m going to be - Pip the gerbil is ill again :frowning: Still waiting on news about my friend as well; will message her fiance if I’ve not heard anything by this evening.

Try and think happy thoughts :no_mouth:


Today also marks the first time this season that I heard Mariah Carey (through and instagram ad). Tis the season, folks.

Morning. The sky is blue, it has lifted my mood

very stiff after falling off bike yesterday

charly bliss tonight

that’s all

Morning all!

Was meant to be in the office, but there were big delays on the A23 and the M23, so here I am at home instead. My team for the pub quiz tonight seems to have disintegrated, so I’ll probably have a QNI instead.

Also, my middle finger on my right hand aches a bit like I’ve got an ingrowing fingernail, except I cut my nails a couple of days ago, so who knows what the problem is.

Meeting this afternoon that I think is going to be very stressful/upsetting to do with my job/future/recent interviews. Not looking forward to it and worried it’s going to affect me quite badly, but I need to do it in order to get closure and basically help with moving forward.

Gf fell off her bike yesterday and bounced off a stationary car bonnet in the process. She’s a bit sore but otherwise ok.

'tis the season