Well fuck my dad

What an idiot I’ve been!

Seems like a recipe for splinters tbh


very dainty with all that sharp wood and splinters everywhere

This is rubbish.

The actual top tip is to scrunch up the paper wrapper you get on some chopsticks and use that as a rest.


Personally I just use the proper chopsticks and proper rest that I got in actual china :woman_shrugging:

This, but using the chopsticks and rest that my sister brought me back from Japan when she went there on holiday years back.

*actual Japan

Do you take them with you when you go to Yo Sushi?

No I haven’t been to japan.

You may think you’re insulting me here but I couldn’t care less.

*couldn’t care Laos.


I’m definitely not insulting you. Those are just the kind you get in Yo Sushi, Wasabi etc. I’ve a proper set at home.

Oh right, I thought that was some kind of ‘dis is too good for yo sushi’ snobbery - apologies. Anyway who are we kidding, they’re still in my backpack somewhere with all my other travel stuff.

Using chopsticks is cultural appropriation on a par with blackface, imho.

  • Well fuck father of Jordo
  • No thank you I have just had lunch

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Dont think you’re one to criticise chopstick technique!!!

I’ll rest (my chopsticks) when I’m dead

Mate, I’ve just spent 3 weeks in China and 4 in south east Asia. I am a fucking MASTER of chopsticks now.

Neva 4get

You know I was winding you up, right?