Well if it isn’t the Tuesday thread

Morning. Absolutely belting down with rain here.

How’s your day looking?

Raining like fuck here too. Off to mess around with beer for the day. Had 8 hours sleep for the first time in months last night, thanks Moderna!


Slept so, so badly. Now need to do some extremely boring work, then more work later. Got a soya flat white from Costa on way home to try and perk me up. What a life!

Morning all :wave: Woke up at 6.12am and got a couple of hours done of this bloody report that I need to write before I go on leave. I would say that I’ve been putting it off until the last minute, but (a) there’s been so much else to do and (b) I seem to thrive on the pressure of deadlines, even if I create them for myself.

Mrs CCB (and her parents) and the cheeksters are all off for a trip on the Dartmouth Steam Railway as well as a trip to Dartmouth Castle. Am pretty jealous ngl.



We had the rain in the night. Thunder, lightning, the works. Thankfully I got back to sleep afterwards, and it also means the forecast for today has improved.

I’m two days into a fortnight off work today, and Jimbo’s in holiday club. I’ve got a few errands to do this morning then I’m going to go for a bit of a bike ride out to the other side of Hove. Radio tonight and there’s some new Saint Etienne out today for me to play

Negative PCR = :+1:

Got to do some work today as I completely dossed about yesterday, starting to think I should go to the office on Mondays to motivate myself. Probably never gonna happen though.


Very sleepy today but hearing this cheered me up

All aboard Bussy Galore!


Up early to see a physio

This arvo I get the second jab :sunglasses:


Wow - I must have been fast asleep. Missed the lightening completely

It’s grey, it’s cool, it’s drizzly, it’s a welcome relief.

Day 4 of isolation

I’m feeling better every day but the rate of improvement is not as fast as I was hoping. Gonna log into work long enough to get the planning stuff that needs doing today done then be off sick rest of the day and likely tomorrow too

Then I’ll split my time between the sofa and some self indulgent psych funk i’m working on

really can’t be fucked, mates.


Morning all!

My house is normally colder than outside but today we’re holding all of the heat from the week. It seems nice and fresh outside.

I might take myself off to Braehead this morning to buy some shorts or I might just play computer games.


Up and already been to the shop as kids drank all the milk last night.

Got load of adminy jobs to do then going out to lunch with some lovely selective work mates.

@colon_closed_bracket only day 2 of holiday and the jealousy vibes from MrS are already reaching peak. Uhoh.

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You must really like these colleagues - our group chat hasn’t pinged once since we finished at the end of June.

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I do! We had to endure the everyone’s invited group social last week and decided we needed our own. :star_struck:

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Feel like my job sometimes is just constantly telling people not to call every single building they write a press release about ‘iconic’ or a ‘landmark’. How do these people get jobs writing?

Just made some mackerel pate, needs eating today so that’s my breakfast sorted.

Got myself nice and presentable for a video call at 9 that got cancelled at 8.48. Fuming.

It’s not too bad tbh - it was nice popping out for a walk and a pint last night, so it feels like a partial holiday even though I’m working.


These aren’t your company’s buildings?
Slightly amused by the thought of people referring to some of your office blocks as iconic.

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