Well into The Durutti Column atm


Just thought I’d let you know


I’m reading this thread atm


I’m waiting to see how this thread progresses but, I think they are brilliant and wish I had seen Vini Reilly at MIF maybe 10 years ago.


I’ve got a compilation album I really like. Haven’t listened to any proper albums.

Glad to have been able to contribute to this thread. I hope it is appreciated.


I like his work on Morrissey’s first solo album. I know that Morrissey is Twat Number 1 nowadays but Viva Hate is an amazing collaboration.

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do you know that tune I said was my personal fave?

(it’s ‘Bordeaux’, mates)

‘Otis’ is incredible too, though. you’re not wrong, lad.


seriously, I don’t think anything else quite captures the intense refracted emotion of memory quite like Vini’s sound.


It’s good music to chill out to

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