We'll name this the Wednesday Thread for Wednesday People


It’s Wednesday. New route to work because of train timetables and stuff.

Need to look at Junction Margins at Stratford, East London.

Leaving at two, school pick up and watch my daughter play netball for the school. Then home, dinner, tidy round and bed.

And now it’s your turn.

Literally nothing to report here. Hope you all have a good day team x


Gonna try get to a barbers after work.

Need to clean the flat as have friends staying this weekend.

As it’s Wednesday it’s my 9am to 9pm day. Loads to do as well.

Really not feeling work at the minute. Project I’m working on is dragging and the interim solutions take that long the development never happens

Oh well I leave in 4 months

Got up sharp and went for my first run in ages, didn’t run far as I’m well unfit but happy to get back doing it. :+1:


Having an excellent breakfast of yogurt and granola with blueberries, pomegranate seeds and medjool dates.

Only going to go downhill from here huh?


Having a shocker today. This will be fun.

  1. Fucking knackered
  2. Cba

Also feeling a big case of the work cbas. Birthday today so might get some fish and chips on the way home.

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Happy birthday, man.

Fish & Chips sounds like a worthy celebration.

Nine item fry-up, here I come!


Morning all.

I’m dropping the cat at the cattery this morning, running a load of errands, and packing ready for a long weekend away in Newcastle. I need to squeeze in some actual work along the way. Feeling a bit panicked.

Still - long weekend in Newcastle.

Not really ready for it to be my turn yet, as we’re about to get up and head parkwards. Can someone else go first and I’ll pick up the slack later? Cheers.

One of my nails broke overnight and I don’t know how which can only mean one thing.

There is a Nail Fairy that comes into my room while I’m sleeping and snaps my freshly done nails. This will not stand! :rage:

Happy Birthday jordan! :partying_face:

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God, there’s a bloke who works here that really grinds my gears just by his very being.

Harsh, I know.

He has that floppy young-Tory hair, wears his trousers low slung around his hips, struts around the place like, well, like a Tory, always leans back in his chair with his legs gaping and when he’s talking to a woman always leans in close with his arm on the back of their chair, before resting his hand on their shoulder as he leaves. Can I report him to HR for offending my eyeline?


happy birthday @jordan_229, enjoy your chips!

Off work for a week now, first festival of the year starts tomorrow. Very excited, trying to remember what I’ve forgotten to pack and hoping the weather stays like this.

Happy Birthday, pal! Wish you were going to be in Barcelona with us next week :birthday::balloon::tada: x

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Morning He_2 and chums,

Just as I was bemoaning the insufficient quantity of good boys and girls on our park walk this morning, I spotted a German Shepherd and a brown and white border Collie, absolutely beauties and the very best of friends. Chasing and jumping all over each other :hugs::heart_eyes: which served to remind me that I don’t really want a dog. I want TWO dogs because seeing two dogs playing happily together is one of the purest and most joyful things a person can witness.

Had a thoroughly lovely time watching Rumours of Fleetwood Mac last night at the Hexagon. Wish @avery was able to enjoy it more. I felt very young in that audience. We were sat down until the last two songs and I had to try to restrain the enthusiasm of my head bopping a bit as I seemed to be one of the only ones with a jerky head…

Work :frowning:
Need to buy sunglasses and stuff - cba
Leftovers for lunch and veggies lasagne again for dinner - :blush:

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!