Welp, won’t be needing this today!

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Great thread. Big fan.


More like one of these…

Ah, rain in the UK summer. Just the knowledge that you’re about to experience a super-humid period when it stops. :grimacing:

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Yep…the sweaty, uncomfortable humidity. Might mean another Thunderstorm though! :blush:

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This bad boy is up and running

Going to Glasgow later and weirdly it looks like it might be one of the dryer parts of the country?

Until you get there

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2000 Bright Eyes fans under one roof, gonna be floods

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It’s called Toys R Us!


You won’t need any of these, where you’re headed…

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Woozoo yeah you can!

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Is that a giant fan or is Freddy Adu very short?

Bit of both really

Useless response

Sorry that the world doesn’t fit in neat little boxes for you :roll_eyes: