Welsh Music Thread - Rholio (Rolling)

So I guess this is just a thread to collate all things Welsh, new or old. Maybe not the more obvious stuff but there are no rules, post your favourite stuff - just leave the Tom Jones jokes, it’s a bit tired and overdone I think :smiley:

I didn’t want to post too much and there are definitely gaps in my knowledge (not really up on the harsher noisier side of things so if you are, please get involved)




Boy Azooga



Richard James (ex Gorkys)

Acid Casuals (Cian from SFA amongst others)

John Lawrence / Infinity Chimps (Ex Gorkys)

Euros Childs (Ex Gorkys)

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci

Llwybr Llaethog

Geraint Jarman

Meic Stevens


The Gentle Good



You already mentioned Carwyn but this great album was released last month and introduced to us thanks to @Gert


Think I was meant to tag @Elights

Cate Le Bon playing Reward in full for Gŵyl festival (directed by Gruff Rhys):


@avery beat me to them in the music league, but I love Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard. Yes, the name sounds like it’s come out of a random stoner rock /doom metal lyrics generator, but they have an original take on those two genres, which is something very hard to come by. Basically, great big monolithic slabs of riff married to Radiophonic Workshop / Hawkwind style 70s electronica and angelic soprano vocals instead of the usual cookie monster growls. Like watching Headbangers Ball on Skaro, and then your big sister comes home and puts on her Cocteau Twins tape:


Awesome - thanks for setting this up Richie. I should probably summon @colossalhorse to the thread too.

In work right now and busy this evening, but I’ve got an absolute load of underground electronic stuff to shout about. Might put a little playlist together and write some stuff when I have time later in the week.


Great song from a great band:

The Keys - Strength of Strings

Great track from earlier this year from the artist who won the Gwobr Gerddoriaeth Gymreig (Welsh Music Prize) 2020


Do I count as an Englishman exiled in Barry? No idea but there’s some amazing music being made in Wales atm and I’d be honoured to be associated with it.

I’ll let you big up all the electronic lot, when I have a free moment there’s some doom/psych/noise rock I should give a shout out to. I’ll just post an Obey Cobra vid in the meantime. Amazing genre fluid psych rock band - I think they were planning a hiatus from playing live pre-lockdown, hoping when venues open up they’ll have changed their mind.


I’m sure we’ve all had that feeling when listening to the Fall, “this would sound even better in Welsh.”

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Yeah enjoyed this

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On top of the tunes, I can confirm that the Boy Azooga chaps and Carwyn Ellis are good eggs. I’ll post some stuff in here later when I get some more time

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Posted about H Hawkline in the Music League thread.

Also wanted to mention Group Listening which is a jazz duo featuring Sweet Baboo - they were part of Cate Le Bon’s backing band for Reward, I believe (or they were when I saw her early in 2019)


he’s good with Le Bon but i saw him do a solo set supporting her once and couldn’t get into his own stuff so much. the sound was stupidly loud for his set for some reason which didn’t help i suppose.

i only know of Group Listening from the EP of Reward reworkings they did. will check out their other stuff

Ah that’s a shame re Baboo’s set! Can’t say that I know too much about him either but the Group Listening album is really worth a shot, much calmer than some of the frenetic moments you hear on Reward.

I was then gonna mentioned Ed Dowie who also features on that EP but it turns out that he’s from Dorset.

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Shame that the Joy Formidable fell off a cliff a bit, loved that debut album. Ruined by America I think


The Music League playlist made me realise there’s so much good music from Wales I haven’t heard (and a lot of great music I knew but didn’t realise was Welsh).

The playlist link for anyone not doing Music League – don’t know if they get taken down after a while or not.


Gruffs new single is good. Bit long though! Also featuring Sweet Baboo. I do love how the scene in Cardiff shares musicians between projects. Nice to see everyone in work!

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Wonderful album of instrumental retro leaning surf / psych