as it should be spelt

Feel rough BUT Self/Esteem tonight.

But feel rough.

Better get my LFT on.


Morning @RenOrStimpy

Sorry you’re feeling rough and solidarity as I am too.

I’m currently still laying in bed reading the news but I’ll get up soon. Going to have hot cross buns for breakfast, which is very exciting!

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My new work laptop is being delivered today, but time is currently non specific so that’s a bit annoying

Dry Cleaning tonight. Can’t remember if anyone else is going or it’s a solo trip. If anyone else is going give me a shout

Partner has gone to A&E for a suspected stress fracture in her leg, she’s meant to be running the marathon in just over a month so she’s pretty devastated.

Seems like the whole office is going down with covid, luckily we all have to go back in now, so that’s good, isn’t it.

checks watch

Cba, cbaaa

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Day 2 of covid. I generally feel absolutely fine apart from a slight headache, slight sore throat and runny nose.

I tested yesterday as I was supposed to see my dad, not sure I would have tested otherwise.

Day off today, I was supposed to be going to the cinema, but obviously not now. I’m quite looking forward to playing Elden Ring all day.

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Just had the weirdest pastry, it just tasted…wet.

Someone just suggested postponing the event I’m working on later and I wish they hadn’t as now it’s planted the seed and it’s all I want, but reckon it’ll be overruled.

Very very anxiety-riddled day ahead tbh.

Think I need to speak to a proper lawyer today and am basically vibrating with stress, so that’s good

More like Wetnesday, amirite?

Going for a couple of beers and a bit of food with the old man at lunchtime. Need to go and retrieve his birthday present from the delivery office first.

is the foot in tact?

Morning all!

Wor Lass went to bed a bit early last night so I stayed up two hours later than usual playing computer games like a real adult.

We (Wor Lass) mixed up World Book Day so The Child went from excited to disappointed in the space of ten minutes and I delivered her at nursery on the verge of tears.

The electrician has arrived to fit the new hob. I’m genuinely quite excited about being able to heat up soup on the stove.

I’m not playing football tonight or doing book club and I could really fancy a pub visit but I’m trying not to drink this month and I feel like March 2nd is too early for exception…


It’s a weird day of half being in the office for me - I’m at home for now because someone put in an early meeting, but I’ll drive up mid morning. I’ve got a slight concern that there might not be any parking spaces when I get there, but I’ve only got a tiny car so hopefully I’ll be able to fit where someone else hasn’t been able to.

I missed out on dry cleaning tickets @grievoustim but it’s Self Esteem tomorrow, isn’t it?

Seems to be! Unfortunate really, could have been my perfect get out card.

sorry your foot isnt fucked :frowning:

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Absolutely top tier breakfast but aren’t we all meant to be living off bread and water until Easter?

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Working from my client’s work today which I’d rather not be doing but actually think it’ll be a welcome distraction from the doomscrolling of the last week.

Pancakes last night were a 6/10 but glad we gave it a go, ended up eating them about 11 as my girlfriend was working late.

Still no birds tried out our window feeder yet.

“So Manches, do you have any ideas for how you could increase your overall efficiency and productivity in the workplace?”
“Sorry. Um, yeah but no… not… not off the top of my head”

Manches looks down at his work notebook


Was gonna say ‘been a rough week’ then realised its Wednesday morning

I’ll be here, sobbing, all day every day


It is! Can’t wait

Noah is coming with me, so I hope you can handle hanging with a young person :grinning:

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I bet this is how all that mega complex calligraphy got developed in the first place

Monks who couldn’t be bothered and just wanted to keep the abbot off their asses