Look at the state of those onion rings :heart_eyes:


Pop tarts are pretty shit aren’t they

I also like how your scotch eggs have their own wee nest.

Please can you help me decide on text for my new logo?

The blocky one looks like a red top newspaper for my simple tastes. I like the thin one as well as the one I chose though.

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Why are pubs like this?

(Toilet signage, obviously)

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One image could be considered phallic, but at the same time it also has a sweet / bitter dichotomy which if you’re applying lazy stereotypes don’t match up with that image. Just do a wee under the sign instead


Walking to work, like I do every day

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I thought the same - the ‘bitter’ is the mens and ‘sweet’ for the ladies - but yeah, the images suggest the opposite to me.

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Oh yeah I’d stare at that confused and get it entirely wrong

One I was in had a pirates vs wenches sign or soemthing, which was straightforward in terms of the what they wanted you to assume but still annoyed me a lot

Could be a whole thread documenting this tbh


I remember when Irish pubs first started popping up and just had Irish words rather than any signs, but the one pointing to the ladies was Mna, an anagram of man

I like the thin one too but need the logo to be readable when used as an avatar on Instagram/Facebook so am unsure.

Where’s Funky? Did I miss something? His username isn’t searchable so guessing he is taking a break.

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Laptop isnt detecting brothers monitor through hdmi, really need that 2nd screen



Why is the bus full of school children already ffs

I went for the most accessible, some of the others might pose issues with dyslexia etc

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Good point. I like that one too but think I need something bolder/more easy to read when it is in a tiny Insta/FB avatar.