Went into Wilko's yesterday

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Sgt Wilko


would do if it was legal

I do enjoy a Wilko. Maybe my favourite high street shop?


Pick ‘n’ mix screws


They’ll have their Pic’n’Mix half price again this weekend so I’ll buy two large cup’s worth for my sweety jar.


Was going to post that. Love the pick and mix screws

Wilko’s is bloody great. A bag of screws, a full brewing kit and a pick n’ mix? Don’t mind if I do.


Bought a pasting table to do a car boot sale from Wilko - £10, very happy. There was a queue for the pick n mix so declined. Nothing much else to report except for how all branches of Wilko always seem to smell the same.

50/50 between Wilko and Tiger for me.

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Saw someone buying 3 (three) wheelchairs from wilko the other day. Looked chuffed he did.

didnt even know wilko sold (are allowed to sell?) them

LOVE Tiger as well.


Lakeland is quite good.

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Don’t think I’ve ever been into a Wilko’s.

Not sure I approve of the fact they used to be Wilkinsons, and they decided to shorten it. I’d probably boycott Sainsbury’s if they changed to Sainsbo’s too.

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Snacks in Tiger are soo underrated

Rice cakes
coconut chips
citrus pink lemonade



They have a very distinctive smell. Not quite Lush levels, but I said to the wife at the weekend that if I was kidnapped and blindfolded and taken into a Wilko’s that i would know where I was.

True story.

I still haven’t got over this betrayal, tbh:

At least they have an apostrophe there, unlike those charlatans Morrisons.

Check out Daddy Warbucks up in here with his £20 tea towels!