Went into Wilko's yesterday

Check out Daddy Warbucks up in here with his £20 tea towels!

Dropped in when I was in Ambleside once, because I’d heard it was great. I had a lovely approx thirty mins heartily laughing at the expensive shite designed for tasks so specific that they’re worthless to 99% of the popular, and getting the sideye from pensioners who were taking it all very seriously.

Furious about the name change, tbh. The Flying Tiger sounds like a cheesy wine bar.

Stop reading this thread you set of pricks

It’s a good thread mate!

I hated Wilkos as a kid

I only get dweebs from A/V club to do those specific tasks for me and my American football team friends

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I buy most of my gardening stuff in Wilko’s. I often go in just to look at stuff because it’s near the station.

We don’t have one here.

It’s a copyright and or trademark issue isn’t it?

Possible design patent too.

Wilko’s is bloody ace. Got a big glass jug for £1.50 in there a couple of months ago. £1.50!