Went to a party with asorted bowls of crisps, went for the chip sticks you can always rely on them to be salt and vinegar

Don’t you think?

chip sticks?

Please read to the end:


I think you are right!


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Usually yes. But ready salted Chipsticks are a fine snack in their own right.

I’d be mildly disappointed but would be grateful for ready salted Chipsticks than none at all.

Also can I just say that the M&S version of these are superior to the Smiths originals. Thanks.

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something really disgusting about eating chipsticks from a bowl that’s had other people’s hands in. Wouldn’t really mind with something more standard like walkers strangely

is walkers a euphemism for feet?

not in a fucking million years!

aldi do bags of pea snack things which sounds like a terrible thing but basically just taste like chipsticks. only with an edge of pea

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think it’s the threat of absorbency, there’s a hint of urinal cake to your chipstick.

yeah must be the powdery dust acts as a vector for infection. Like when you eat them or wotsits then chances are you are going to lick your fingers at some stage uuuuuugh!

these are good; basically the same thing as these…which rank alongside chipsticks IMO;

mmm they look nice!

they’re quite widely available now i think :slight_smile:

this post gave me a flashback to around 7 years ago (fuck that’s a long time)

on tinychat we discussed how someone said they always ate crisps from a bowl with a spoon, so you decided to give it a go on webcam

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it was…unwieldy!

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Agree with the M&S version being better.

Also S&V twists
And everything from M&S is just good

I have been trying to get SnV to catch on for years when referring to salt and vinegar, I think I have a way to go.
I digress eating crisps from a bowl isn’t that bad, I mean we kiss ppl don’t we, which is pretty unhygienic

I say SnV

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