went to a wedding on saturday

there was a long church service with lots of choral singing, and the order of service was very detailed.
I spotted that one piece was by Horatio Bonar and I couldn’t stop laughing for ages.


Really good stuff.

An evocative thread with a great pay off.

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I remember once singing “all things bright and beautiful” at a wedding and getting the giggles over the line “The purple-headed mountain”


I too would have laughed

I was in a meeting earlier and the topic of penetration testing came up. Two of my colleagues spent the next five minutes in waves of uncontrollable giggles, triggering each other into relapses.


I was at this wedding and it never happened

will you be automating your penetration testing or perhaps performing it manually ?

At my wedding the vicar made a reference to the best man “over there… nervously fingering the ring”.

Still smirking about it.

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My mate had this hymn at his wedding. him, his best man (also his brother) and his dad laughed to tears at this line. Was hilarious watching them trying to stifle the laughing, and heroically failing.

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this was written in a village called Sion Mills, near where i grew up. i can confirm it is neither bright nor beautiful there.

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Anywhere near Trago Mills?

according to google, no.

thanks for enjoying this thread responsibly everyone

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