Went to a work lunch and learn about the future, apparenlty by 2045 computers are going to be as powerful as the human brain

They repeated many times how technology grew exponentially. Showed loads of videos of autonomous factories that used to employee thousands and now only employee a hundred. Had a video of amazon drones and robots. Pretty convincing stuff.
In short I have to work at least another 30 years and I dont think my profession has it in it!?!?! Please sooth my concerns

Nothing to worry about mate, it’s not increased automation that’s putting jobs at risk. It’s immigrants.

Not as powerful as my brain, I’ll outthink any computer any day of the fucking week don’t care what year it is.


That’s the spirit

There have been loads of articles coming out in the past couple of months discussing when Moore’s Law effectively ceases to hold true.

Worth a read


Does Ask Jeeves still exist?

I blame @Clippy

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Apparently they even have a customer service bot the answers your queries on the phone and web chat and if it cant help it will escalate it to a human and listen in on the conversation to learn form it for next time. Most people dont even realize its not human ( so they say)

Thats like the fallacy that by 2100 women will be able to run the 100 metres in minus 2 seconds due to the difference between the best in 1900 and the best now.

Or we’ll be hunted down by human imitating robots that kill us off for the good of ourselves. Either option is fine for me.

I’ve got a drill that’s already more powerful than a human brain, at least when it comes to making holes in things.

There’s no evidence that a human brain works like a computational device, and hence no evidence that a computational device will ever be able to replace the cognitive function of a human brain.

If technology continues to grow exponentially, imagine how quickly computers will become massively more powerful than the human brain.

They quantified it as the amount decisions or calculations made per second. In a way your senses input into your brain to make carnal/simple decisions, combined with your surroundings, memories and time your decisions and reaction get more advanced. Maybe if they had the computing power a computer could do pretty gd job at imitating cognitive function.

They’ll also be ten thousand times larger and so expensive that only the 5 richest kings of Europe will be able to afford them.


As powerful as a human brain seems plausible, but all that computing power is a meaningless numbet without the infrastructure which won’t be close by then.

I’m hoping to become a cyborg so this is playing right into my hands/crushing clamps.


I’d quite like to see a cuss robot. A robot designed to pick up on your deepest insecurities and mock you about them in public.

You have a tiny deformed penis

look what the BBC just posted an hour or so after me! At least I’m a step ahead of them.

OMG I actually just felt empathy with the robots