Went to clap a wee dog this morning on my way to work


I was walking to work from the station and at the coffee shop next to my office building I half-noticed a wee dog ran past and caught up with me and started dawdling along keeping pace with me and when I leant down to pat him I realised it was a fox. He must have been bothering the coffee shop’s bins. Really blue eyes! He ran away.


I guess this is the ‘what things did you mistake something for that turned out to be something else’ thread.


OK, this can be the ‘Aren’t foxes great/ awful’ thread now.


Big fan of foxes


I feel like they should have been able to tell that it wasn’t human sooner, with bite marks and stuff like that, or maybe I’ve just watched too much CSI.


Oh wow.


Like… a slow-hand clap?

Yeah, good one fox! Not even a real dog!


I like looking at a fox from time to time


Why are you applauding animals?


sorry, ‘clap’ in Scottish patter means ‘pat’ when relating to a pet.