Went to m&s food hall whislt hungry. Guess my purchases

Still not had my lunch so just went bananas in m&s.

I spent £36. Barely a fresh product to be seen.

Fancy some guesses?

(None of these are for my lunch might I add, have given up on that idea)

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If I didn’t know you were veganish, I’d have said at least six mini pork pies or some kind of snack size chorizo empanada or something.

Nope, no lunch purchases were made. Most likely bought meal deal type things, some ready meals, a few other bits.

3.6 bananas

There are some meat purchases for M

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Plant kitchen no beef welly roll

Not a fan of the texture of that lad

Percy pigs and phizzy pig tails

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pigs in blankets

One of their exquisite millionaire’s shortbreads

Afraid I don’t like sweets, m neither really

But that’s the best texture

Absolutely hate millionaire shortbread



9 boxes of yumnuts

Sadly failed to pick up any crisps or chocolate

I wish

A big sweet potato
Frozen sticky toffee pudding

(Just listing things I bought last time I was there)