Went to Primavera a couple years ago and I got talking to this girl from Switzerland

We got talking about bands we love but have never seen live and she mentioned Slint but she pronounced it “Slent” and a doobie doobie pah! Doobie doobie duh-pah! Scoobie-doo, scoobie-doo, scoobie-doo-baddie pah!
A-doobie-die pah! Scoobie-doo-baddie pah! A doobie-doo, doobie-doo, doobie-doo-baddie-pah!

why are you only telling us now

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300+ replies

297 to go

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“…discussing Story of The Eye!”


I don’t get this reference

That’s okay I didn’t really get the reference in the OP :smile:

There’s nothing to get




How can I explain? I need this reference here and not here too

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It’s like this reference wasn’t made for this thread. But I wouldn’t like to meet a reference…that was.