Went to the supermarket at 5pm-ish yesterday

Spent £24 on…

Gluten-Free Gnocchi
Butter Beans
Mexican Bean Burgers
Perry (four bottles)

Nothing left. £24 for tea and supper for one. What an entitled prick.

If I’ve learned anything from your dinner photography, it’s that you can get at least a week’s worth of meals out of all that.


Spirals, innit.

Action Man Bowtie’s are okay, but you really have to go for the middle.

Keep meaning to try a poached egg, goats cheese and honey with pasta and pesto but forget.

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Yeah, but City won, so overall a score draw?

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make your own: tastes better, easily freezes, works out cheaper.

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Nah. This isn’t true.

misread your post. ignore.

penne rigate

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which bit? the tastes better? That’s subjective I guess, but I think it does taste better, once you nail the consistency/amount of olive oil you use. Undoubtedly cheaper.

No pesto can be made cheaper and nicer than the 90p supermarket stuff. Believe me, warny.

Yeah no way cheaper but definitely nicer unless you don’t like fresh stuff.

Cheese isn’t an essential ingredient of pesto, imho.


Ah, you might be right on cost then. I was comparing with the sacla stuff for £2.50 or whatever: most supermarket own brand isn’t vegetarian so I never have that.

Mine definitely tastes better though.

Not had gnocchi in ages.

You ever thought about opening a gnocchi restaurant in the centre of Glasgow called Gnocchihall Street?

Me either.

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I have now, would need to be on the very western bit of it. Reckon @Lo-Pan would put up the capital?

Based on past form I reckon he’d let all of Edinburgh stay over if they asked, yeah.

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Hmmm, not sure on this one.

Yeah. Should have said “move in” instead of “stay over”. Gutted.

I find most supermarket pesto tastes like vinegar. Just horrible. Gimme homemade stuff any day innit.

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Homemade is definitely better. And much cheaper assuming you’re not paying for the pine nuts