Wer hier Deutsch kann

Ich, aber heutzutage ich klinge etwas österreichisch.

I kann Deitsch.

I can introduce myself in song format, a long with my age, where I live and what some of my favourite hobbies and subjects are. I can ask for directions to the townhall and railway station, and give directions as long as it’s to something that is some combination of going left and right and over the bridge. I can also recite the lyrics to that one song where Kim Petras sings in her native tongue (which she should do more often imo)

Zwei Bier, bitte

(that covers all essential knowledge of German)


How’s this for your Dutch eyes?

Mein gott, das hund ist der mensch

I can read and understand the article, but having been to Luxembourg, when they talk this language I can’t understand a word. It’s very different from proper German.

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I like how Luxembourgish is “let’s freely mix French and German and then spell/pronounce the whole thing in a thick rural German accent”.

They talk exactly the same over the border in the neighbouring part of Germany, where it’s pure farmer accent.

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Ich lebe in Berlin aber mein Deutsch ist ganz scheiße.

:musical_note: Ich habe keine freeeeitzeit :musical_note:

:musical_note: something something something aaaaarbeit :musical_note:

shout to GCSE German for that great song

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Ein bisschen.

Studied it up until AS Level and sadly a lot of it has dropped off, which is a shame because I was quite good at pronunciation and speaking clearly in German and all that. It was quite weird watching Dark on Netflix - the experience of actually half-getting bits without always needing the subtitles was interesting.

:musical_note: Was hast du am Montag in der ersten Stunde? :musical_note:

:metal: :fire: :metal:

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I remember in the illustations in the textbooks everyone in Germany was on rollerskates and drank juice out of massive cartons, seemed like a magical place


Kraftwerk help you remember the difference in meaning between wir fahr’n auf der Autobahn and wir fahr’n auf die Autobahn


Kann deutsch aber habe seit 10 jahre gar nichts gesprochen, also heutzutage fuhle ich mich sicherer wenn ich auf Franzosich reden

Ich bin ein wellensittich

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Deutsch hat viel zu viel Grammatik.


Ein bischen. Ich habe für eine deutsche Firma gearbeitet, aber alle sprachen Englisch. Es war etwas lästig.

A friend once introduced me to his new Luxembourgish girlfriend and I asked her what language she spoke. Was very embarrassed when she replied ‘Luxembourgish’. I assumed it would be German or French like an ignorant fool.

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I think it’s sad/embarrassing the amount of British people who move to Berlin and make no attempt to learn any German. Better to try, and make mistakes along the way.

Ich lerne Deutsch auf Duolingo, aber ich bin nicht sehr gut. Es macht Spaß, manchmal ist es schwer, aber ich will es beenden. Danach, keine Ahnung!

(this took ages to write and is probably nonsense or not anything that anyone would actually say/type IRL in German, but I wanted to try and use words and stuff I actually know. I still struggle to remember words outside of the app, so if it asks me what X means or what the German for Y is and there’s a list them yep, all over it. if you ask me on the spot what Z is though I’m much less likely to get it, which makes it a bit useless)