We're all Filth

It’s never too early for a filth thread, right?

Shall we talk BDSM?

Here are some polls. They are NOT anonymous. Let’s inject a bit of danger into proceedings.

  • Chains and whips excite me
  • Don’t mind a bit of it
  • Not for me, Clive

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What’s yer safeword?

  • Red
  • Banana
  • Liar’s Option

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Kink rules

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Take it to the Ray Davies thread


Anyone done any filth recently?

Guess not

Had sex with a Greek on the weekend if that’s the thing you’re after?


Nipple clamps

  • Yay!
  • Ow!

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yes it is

i had sex with a greek once and it was very nice

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I have not had sex with a Greek but I once kissed a man called Socrates (not Greek).


I’m using my alt, so I’m anon publicly, if anyone is hugely interested / bothered by not knowing I don’t mind telling them via dm, but I don’t want stuff available to search engines and wotnot.

I’m on a voyage of discovery at the mo. Mostly dominant tendencies but I definitely have a submissive side, probably bratty.

The TV and I had a fun night the other night where they slapped me hard on my face a few times whilst ordering me to do things with my genitals. I liked it.

I enjoy restraining and being restrained. Public spanking is hot also.

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Definitely one for the words I mispronounce thread, thanks Bill n Ted!


The whole aesthetic of leather, chains, whips, studs, rubber etc leaves me completely cold, I find it totally ridiculous and unexciting - yet the actual essence of BDSM - the power dynamics etc I think is quite exciting (never really done any though) - but if you want to watch porn of it it’s all the ridiculous torture chamber stuff. If I made porn I would fill the niche (steady), low key suburban BDSM.


yes totally agree with this! Not fussed with torture chambers and all that at all, far too clinical.

Ex loved a bit of BDSM and I found my niche as a D to her s. We tried it the other way round but didn’t work for us, I enjoy being a D too much

Suburban BDSM :blush:

When I had a Saturday job in a hairdressers when I was 15 there was a woman called Jackie who used to come in and I asked her the usual “got any nice plans today” schtick and she was like, oh well I need to go home and unchain my neighbour from his crucifix.

Think he paid her to do it most weekends and she was completely ambivalent about it.


Definitely switch, mainly dom. I think the fact that I’m naturally D means that when someone really does a good job of subverting that I find it exciting.

Basically feel free to slap me about.


I had sex with two Greeks at the same time multiple times, highly recommend


I can switch if the vibe is right but I much prefer being subby. I’m with @hip_young_gunslinger in that it’s not the fetish look that really gets me but the mental side of being dominated that’s such a turn on. It’s all about the dynamic between domme and sub. Affectionate BDSM is so much more hot than the typical aggressive ‘lick my feet you dog’ thing.


Yeah this!

If it feels forced or anything it massively loses it’s appeal to me too.