We're all loving the new Gwenno album aight?


We certainly are jordo :+1:

oh yes, great

I love it!

Yeah. Rose’s stuff last year was also A1. Well done The (ex)Pipettes.

Aye. Love Gruff Rhys’ Steely Dan-style cameo and Tir Ha Mor in particular.

It’s all in Cornish, you know.

Big fan here too. She was great live the other week.

Aye. The ‘Got Cheese?’ song for real.

Oh, I’ll have to have a listen. Funny to see people writing about her when some years back she was serving me pints at my local pub in Islington. She used to DJ there as well and I made posters for her. Just looked up some info on the Pipettes and it was 14 years ago that I saw them supporting the 5678s. I’m increasingly feeling like I’m looking in the rear view mirror as I go through life…

I’m really enjoying it. Love that she’s repping Cornish.

It’s great, do we think it would have been any bigger if it wasn’t in Cornish? I feel like some of the tracks are really catchy.

Gonna try and make it along to the Hidden Door opening gig in Edinburgh next month with Gwenno, Dream Wife and Nadine Shah.

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Not massive, no. Really reminds me of Julia Holter so maybe her level?

Yeah, that’s what I mean - I’m not saying she would’ve been filling stadiums!

Just find it interesting when singers choose to sing in different languages, and the effect that it has on how the music is received.

It’s brilliant. Not sure it would be bigger if it was in English- if anything I think the language thing gives it an interesting edge that gets it more publicity. Best comparison would be with someone like Jane Weaver. I would guess they are probably at about the same level commercially.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention - I will be going too. :smiley:
A bit of a rush after work but worth it methinks. :smiley:

Aye, this is great

Anyone else going to the Hoxton Hall gig tomorrow? I bought a ticket a couple of hours ago via DICE waiting list.

Good venue? Anyone been before? The album is certainly an interesting piece of work/art. The last time I saw her was at The Globe when I was about to turn 40.

Anyone know stage times?

Answering my own question: support is on at 8pm and Gwenno on at 9pm.

Anyone else go? Never been to the venue before. Thought it was great. I was late to the album this year but it’s a brilliant piece of work. The gig was also brilliant; easily in my top five (maybe top three) of the year. Great album and it worked live very well too.

Counting up the gigs on my calendar this year, tonight was my 30th gig, hardly a milestone but tonight was a special one.