We're building heir, a different kind of music app by and for music fans

Building heir, a music app where you can win real cash and rewards when you rate tracks.

We’re lifelong music and artists, welcoming like-minded people to join our early access beta. If this sounds interesting, start HERE or even email us@heirapp.com

A little more about heir:

Right now it’s a feed of tracks and mixtapes, where you can vote on tracks and win real cash or rewards-money-can’t-buy when other voters agree with your taste. Started and backed by hip hop veterans (more on that when we launch), heir’s mission is to connect fans and artists through fun … and money. We’re out to elevate and reward the most important people in music – the fans and artists – not just the corner office execs at major labels

Will you be allowing artists like Billy Corgan, Moby or Right Said Fred to us the app?

Will you be allowing artists like Bono, SL2 or Cleopatra to us the app?


All very talented, bald gentlemen. At this time, we are working with hip hop only. Looking forward to being able to “crown” Moby on heir one day tho! Please join our demo to see how it works, we’d love your opinions about artists during that time: heirapp.com.


They’ve done you there, maosm.

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Thanks for the clarification, I wish you the best of success…

You could say…


I hope you’re not…


Heir today and gone tomorrow!!!

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