Were my family normal?

I’m going to need more intel.

We did a similar thing but with:

  • bottle of coke or lemonade for the kids
  • glass of ginger wine for mum
  • two litre bottle of Ringwood Bitter for my dad (hated it when he drank, though :frowning: )
  • whatever looked interesting in the local video store (back in the days where a non-franchised video store could survive in a medium-sized village).

Oh and I should add: share-bags of S&V chipsticks, Happy Shopper Wotsits and the like.


Getting up really fucking early (we’re talking 5am or earlier) to beat the traffic on a holiday:

  • We loved tailbacks!
  • We loved everyone being grumpy by mid-afternoon!

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I can remember about 2 or three trips to the chippy as a kid. We went with my mum when my dad was away with work and were sworn to secrecy.


just constant bickering/laying into each other for the shabs

  • completely normal
  • deeply weird

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It was a standing joke that whenever my dad would ask me to get another can from the fridge I’d secretly shake it up a bit so it would go everywhere when he opened it. Literally years he fell for that one.


like you’d think the family members of my family were worst enemies if you just walked into the house

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No sweets/chocolate on Sunday morning. Ever.

  • Obviously, it’s the Lord’s Day
  • Pass the Quality Street

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My mum would take me to do the weekly shop every thursday and it was our treat that we’d start the shop at the bakery section and get a pack of the big soft fresh choc chip cookies and we’d each have a big cookie whilst walking around the supermarket doing a shop.

  • Lovely mother and daughter bonding time
  • You don’t own those cookies yet!!

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On Sunday night we would have a picnic tea, literally put a big blanket thing on the floor and have sandwiches and leftovers and crisps and little picnic bits, in front of Last of the Summer Wine and Antiques Roadshow and all the crap.

  • Sounds nice, but clearly strange
  • We also enjoyed regular indoor picnics

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Letting us stay off school on our birthday

  • Top parenting
  • Throw away the key!

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I want to start doing that now to be honest

Tight, I think. we had a deep fat fryer at home, so often had chips a few times a week.

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me and mum would buy a fresh and hot french stick and eat it on the way round Asda

great mum, great bread

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Close the curtains as a mark of respect when one of the neighbours had died

  • wtf M8
  • Lovely touch

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Used to get to go the corner shop near the church for a pack of rolos or perhaps a mint aero after sunday school. Delicious sacrilege.

exclusively eating dinners in front of the tv. I think we even did a christmas dinner like this one year. (i’m the odd sheep in the family because I started eating at the dinner table around 12 years old, so basically ate alone for 6 years and still do when I’m home)

  • weird
  • normal

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Like to think this didn’t happen TOO often

You’re going to Hell

I just had a flashback to No Frills (Kwik Save’s own brand) crisps and other items.