Were my family normal?


peak meowingtons dad. this is better than the time he chopped the end of his finger off

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my cousins son does this, but hes got a lovely aberystwyth accent and its semi nonsense, so its all ~here comes evan with the long kick~ with emphasis in evan on the second syllable. its pretty great

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My Mum would bribe us with a pack of crisps that we’d munch silently while we shopped. The empty crisp packet went through the checkout and was paid for.


my mum used to buy us those (as we’d call them) “sweet cigarettes” and would actively encourage pretending to smoke

  • normal
  • it’s a wonder you’re not a smoker niki

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Got his snacks from the petrol station didn’t he, its always 80p for 1 or 2 for a £1 isn’t it



Keep going


Now you’re talking, keep going


My Dad got his mate to pretend to be Santa, telephone the house phone, ask for my brother and tell him that he wasn’t going to get any Christmas presents as he’d been misbehaving so much:

  • Bit harsh on a kid
  • Should have behaved

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Dad did the saturday fry up (only for adults) so rather than dieing of starvation, he’d have died of a massive heart attack from nightly fry-ups.

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We owned a caravan when I was a kid, a tourer. Dad would hitch the caravan up then drive us round the local spots for an hour or so until we would stop at a campsite about 5 miles from our house. Apparently he did it to make us think we’d gone miles away on holiday.

  • Your dad was a creative holiday genius
  • Absolute loon who lied to his own kids

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Is a story about my older male cousin whipping his knob out and playing with it in front of his sister (who was encouraging it) and I a bit too Reddit for this thread?

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  • No

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fuck, i think i found the recording


I had a friend who loved coming to my house, no arguments, pizza each and REAL BUTTER. :smile:


A guy who lives across from the road from us used to come over every Super Sunday and Monday Night Football circa 94-96 because we had Sky. Think he was invited over once and then just proceeded to come over every week, meaning sometimes someone would be watching something else and we’d have to turn over to watch Middlesbrough vs West Ham because my mum and brother didn’t have the heart to say no. My mum started calling him “the burglar” for his tendency to turn up unannounced and still does to this day.

  • A nice neighbourly gesture
  • Just tell him to go to the pub

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