We're off our game



Time was this thread would belong squarely here, but the residents of Honour Oak Park got there first.


No cats?


Urgh feels weird seeing another discourse thread :neutral_face:


FFS he explains why later in the thread!


I must admit I was pretty sceptical about all of this, but then I read that they had online accreditation, so more fool me.



looks like a cracking forum


It’s no Sydenham forum.


oh shit, we can’t post on there

was hoping all the discourse things would be linked


There’s definitely a bit of @Snazy in you japesy.


Which Disser best fits the piss-taking OP?


Casseroles, easy.


jesus, can you imagine?



@snazy is verified!! how do we get verified?? @theo ??


Theo took all that away from us :cry:


This is now the cycling thread.


This is now the recycling thread.


How’re they getting thumbnails displayed in the list of threads? This is outrageous!


Now reading “Tortoise found on Woolstone Road”, which sound like a HMHB song. Reckon there’s a bit of the @meowington about Pauline, and have discovered that Honour Oak Park people keep their tortoises in the fridge. Next to the eggs and tomatoes presumably.


Keep thinking I’ll stumble across a few @plasticniki threads slagging us all off.