We're off our game

I was told about this by OTHER FH residents. Amazing stuff.


only 90 replies? hah, losers


I don’t read it as much now I live in SE6 tbh. Think I posted once (yes, about cycling I expect).

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I don’t recall doing that…

We were all Warren G regulators weren’t we?


To be honest I keep trying to make it so everyone can do this but I think it’s beyond my abilities as a pure Admin :frowning:

I wouldn’t worry about it Theodore, it literally means absolutely nothing to anyone.

Is there anything on that forum that doesn’t sound like a HMHB song? Big fan of “Walk down memory lane (or alley)”

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Thought you were talking about a tortoise for a minute.

Our archive box-sized food bin sits outside (it get covered in crap when they tip it into the bin lorry), but the little caddy sits on the side in the kitchen.

it’s the little caddy he has a problem with (I think it’s because we spent £££ on an integrated kitchen bin and now there’s a new bin to deal with), the big one is out the back door.

He’s being a fool. I so so so miss our food recycling bin on the counter. The thing is you put EVERYTHING in there and what you quickly find is your normal bin doesn’t stink any more because all the food’s in the caddy.

And to be honest, oddly, I found the caddy didn’t tend to stink too much, possibly because it gets changed frequently or maybe it’s just about where it’s positioned.

Does he not just say he won’t take cats as clients? They probably struggle with cash payments or PayPal.

If you’re still separating everything, what does it matter?

We already had a caddy, which matches our kitchen colour scheme, but then the council delivered a new brown one. We use the council one to store cleaning products under the sink.

because he doesn’t like how a new bin on the counter looks

Guys stop saying “caddy”.


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Our food waste bins got delivered a couple of weeks back, together with a leaflet telling us they’ll start collecting them in October. On the first week almost all of them got put out on the kerb.

Blatantly just someone who can’t even be arsed to learn cold reading so just says “woof”.