Were you an annoying child?

I was. Just a real precocious shit.
I was so annoying that my parents didn’t teach me to swim or ride a bike. My Dad admitted he didn’t really like me until I was 22 which is absolutely fair enough, really.


Yes, obviously, and I’ve carried it on.


Same! Started writing out examples but realised I still do ALL of them


All children are annoying aren’t they?


Would keep shouting out answers in class, and got in further trouble for saying ‘it’s not my fault everyone else is slow’, which I stand by to be fair.


But yes, I imagine I was very annoying

I’ve already been annoying* today apparently and we’ve just woken up!

*in a very playful way, obviously.

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:smiley: to be fair yes, but I actively tried to be as annoying as possible just to see what would happen.
One of my phases was to knock things over, just because. Like off shelves and the dinner table and stuff.


I was to quiet and eager to please to be annoying

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Like a cat?

My mum said to 'er indoors when she thought I wasn’t listening “he was no trouble, used to just sit in his room playing guitar and studying all the time” and it was funny seeing her realise that I haven’t changed in twenty years.

(it was bass, not guitar, and computer games/furious wanking rather than studying, but still)


Used to ask my parents questions like “if the house was burning down, which child would you save?”

I was a nightmare.


Exactly like a cat


most likely

  • threw my dad’s only set of keys in the river once, locking us all out of the flat
  • my first word was “cut” and i used to try to grab any scissors or knives I could
  • took my shoe off and threw it at my mum when she was driving
  • said “mum, look at this!” on the beach and when she turned around i had thrown a (pretty, tbf) rock at her
  • used to try to bite my mum so she’d lock herself in the bathroom to get some peace and read until i started crying and saying sorry

You have had a busy week!


Nah, unless you find bookish nerdy goody-two-shoes kids annoying. Most people would actually wouldn’t they

The Drowned In Sound Story


I’d get in trouble for scrapping a bit too which I think is fairly rare on here. But literally everyone where I’m from scrapped, there was no choice. Not necessarily annoying though.

Also was very happy to spend hours by myself reading, painting and making boats and stuff out of cereal boxes and toilet roll, so at least I wasn’t pestering ALL the time.

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i was a super fussy eater and basically lived off of cereal and was constantly hyped up and prone to injury because i’d jump off things and generally wreak havoc. bet i was exhausting as fuck.