Were you ever an edgelord?

You remember in the early 2000s when a lot of humour was more about shock value, and being more like “I say it because I don’t really mean it, and that’s why it’s funny”? Were you ever guilty of being one of those people? Do you look back with regret at some jokes you made or things you thought were amusing?

I’d say it’s a thing about getting older, but I was in my 20s thinking this. In the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time trying to dissect how much of it was me just being a twat, and how much was about how the world has changed.

It’s even caused divides between me and people I used to be friends with years ago. Many seem to have had a similar epiphany to me somewhere along the way, but some never really seemed to grow out of it, and seem quite out of touch with how the world is now.

Is this something you can relate to?

Your sense of humour
  • Was the same now as it was 15-20 years ago
  • Is different now compared to how it was 15-20 years ago, in a way you think is positive
  • Is different now compared to how it was 15-20 years ago, in a way you think is negative
  • Is different now compared to how it was 15-20 years ago, in a way you don’t know what to make of

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Not sure if there’s a thread in this, but maybe there is, let’s see.

Not an edgelord, but had views that were other peoples’ that i just parroted so surely a chode of some magnitude sure enough.


Fuck me i dont think i truly got over my edgelord phase until around 2017 and even then it was a slow process

I very much was in my privledged white male bubble thinking it was okay to say some truly awful things because i didnt mean it deep down


I used to watch Family Guy, I was one of the ones who was mad when it got cancelled after the third season.


Dunno but I’ve definitely been a twat in my youth and said things that make me cringe my skin off if I think back.


yeah definitely, made plenty of horrible jokes when i was 15 with the shit justification that ‘i don’t actually think this so it’s ok for me to say it’. became less of a knob (probably thanks to some of the more decent people on here to an extent) and ended up falling out with a few friends who wouldn’t move past it


clearly remember a conversation whilst washing up with my old man about why it was okay to refer to something as gay as clearly i didn’t mean it in a derogatory way and that if someone thought i was in the wrong that was their problem.

Not really me being an edgelord, but born from the same place - i didn’t mean it so you can’t be offended. , or, i’m clearly not this type of person so i can joke as though i was and its fine. Shame on me. Proper cringe at some of the things i found funny.

Not sure if it’s an age thing or a cultural change - bit of both probably.


Yes to everything everyone’s said above more or less, constant daily shame about it, will probably never not cringe at the memory of my own dickish behaviour to an age long past when I should have known better.

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Ehhhh yes

Reckon I make more jokes about cryptocurrency than I did back then


oh my, yes

I was an edge lord in the early 90’s :person_facepalming:

I’ve only recovered in the last ten years.

I believe the increased prevelance of social media giving margainalised groups a platform changed the attitude around humour for a lot of people. Before you would just talk about south park to your mates and have no idea how it affected the wider population

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Yep. Feel very ashamed about a lot of the stuff I used to say and laugh about (and the rationale/excuses I had for doing so).

Think a lot of it was down to insecurities and, perversely, wanting to be liked, so I made shitty jokes to try and make people laugh.


Think my changes in humour probably creates some uncomfortable feelings in some friendship groups now too because if I call out some shitty joke by someone else they probably think “well you were making the same jokes back in 20xx”.

Urgh. Really struggle with all this.


As long as the first x is no higher than a 1 you’re OK.

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I was never a true edgelord but did find that type of stuff funny, and to be quite honest I still do now a lot of the time. I voted for ’Is different now compared to how it was 15-20 years ago, in a way you don’t know what to make of’ because although I find ‘edgelordy’ stuff still quite funny, I now feel guilty for it which annoys me a little bit. I feel too judged for laughing at something that would now be frowned up and has actually ruined my enjoyment of older comedies etc. I should say that I haven’t put negative because I do see some positives in this

definitely spent a fucking lot of time being a dick about vegetarians in a way that now seems totally ridiculous (and childish, and definitely tied up with/adjacent to toxic masculine ideas)

no doubt there’s other stuff too but that is particularly easy to remember


I’m more edge adjacent. Cliff based.


Definitely been a bit switch since moving from a time of repeating bits of Derek & Clive when stoned with my best friend, to now living in a world where everything you say could be screenshot or filmed, hewn of any context as to whether you’re punching down from a place of bigotry and ignorance rather than exploding how hideous the worst of society is.

Satire and intellectual edgelordism definitely felt like it was reframed for me after Brass Eye became something removed from its context, weeks on from things airing and being translated into the language of “this is disgraceful”