Werewolf hermit settlement 🏘 🫂 👻 🐺

There’s a doin’s a transpirin’ over at DiSVille. When a raving, frostbitten @aggpass came staggering out from the town limits muttering “werewolf this,” “rent’s too high that,” “track 5 on Return To Cookie Mountain the other”, a crowd gathered round and took heed. Soon, rumours of talking donkeys, burning bushes and apparitions drew bigger crowds to the point that now a shantytown has sprouted up full of onlookers desperate for a sighting of a werewolf. This settlement is a place for all those onlookers to discuss the town and it’s goings on. It’s natural that some of your voices may carry themselves on the wind into the town but please keep all serious suspicions and allegations here. Villagers from DiSville may not comment here either if that’s ok with everyone. You don’t want to draw the attention of the village landlord @scout who is eager to buy up more land bordering the village


Can’t believe @saps is gone. Farewell, sweet Norwich Ambassador prince.


Too much hootin’ and a-hollerin’ from that place

Does this place feature ghosts?

I mean the villagers might be lucky but it’s very unlikely.

I think the villagers will only have only one tactic available to them tomorrow which is to publicly pick one person they’ll all vote for. Even if there are no clues from the voting, that’s still a 3/7 chance of the person being a werewolf. The only hope for beating the werewolves right now is for every villager to vote for the same person who is a werewolf.

Technically maps probably shouldn’t be posting before @hesastopsiiiiign has announced who’s dead. What if it’s maps, so their post shouldn’t be there? Or what if they’re giving away they’re a werewolf or the bodyguard by posting so confidently!

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Ooh, they’ve been chucked a bone thanks to the death of the seer. Did @sine_wave point to anyone earlier they can now unite against?

You’d think they’d be sick of bones by now

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Yes, repeatedly! If a particular pup escapes tonight they are living a very charmed life.

I’m really enjoying that thread, might be fun to play if there’s more


Did the wolves know who the Seer was or just a standard 1/5 chance of nabbing them?

It’s blown my assumptions wide open although good to see maps expressing the correct tactic, even if it was in advance of the correct order of things! Now they can really hope to nail a bad guy. Wolf pelts all round to keep out the winter cold.

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Really getting amusingly


as the remaining members start dissecting what they think sine_wave was up to.

Wonder if any wolves are misquoting her to sew confusion.

Everyone ready with the wolfsbane, silver bullets and belladonna for when werewolf mert gets here tomorrow? It’s pretty funny to watch him sweat in the main thread.

Mate, I haven’t sweat since the Falklands


Taps the sign

(Yes yes, I wasn’t paying attention in the other thread myself, mea culpa, still love you mert)

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I’ve got a busy day today and haven’t been able to keep up with either thread as much. It’s likely to be this way til after 5:30.

Can I remind the villagers that it’s best to get me through DMs as I don’t have time to read the threads

Can I remind the onlookers to treat the active game players nicely even if some of them are wolves and let them come to their own decisions without too many hints. If something is obvious to you, it might be obvious to them too but maybe they’re keeping their cards close to their chests

I always treat mert like this :wink:

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Really concerned about Werewolf vs AQOS tomorrow if Squandered is still in the village.

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