Werewolf hermit settlement 🏘 🫂 👻 🐺

I’m finding it really sweet just how desperately Theo wants to be involved in this game without actually playing it.


Isn’t the whole point to spectate? Why is that Traitor show doing so well otherwise?

(I honestly just thought it was fine for us to comment silly shit in the main thread earlier but yes, that was bad.)

I don’t know what the point is or what’s fine or not fine I just made an observation that’s all, no judgment whatsoever.

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Do think Squandered wrote a motto for DiS with this, though:

Sir, I was born to post and cursed to work

I’ve translated it to Latin so sean can incorporate it on a ribbon in the logo

Natus Est Post Maledictus Labor


Hinges on finding the third werewolf imo and I’m not sure they’re gonna manage that.

As long as they don’t fuck up and somehow not vote for Mert/Squandered, they should be able to ID the third werewolf pretty easily (Ravens or Dino, innit)

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So currently 7.
We figure they do their job this round meaning we end up with 4 villagers vs 2 werewolves. But the wolves kill someone that night. So 3 vs 2. Even if we are happy to say they can get werewolf 2 the final day is pretty thin, 2 v 1. Also scope at that point for a wonderful circular nomination necessitating everyone re-cast their vote!

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So, what’s the plan if the village kicks a wolf out tonight? Anyone got a gun and silver bullets ready?

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Trap it, fuck it, kill it, eat it


I told them to be ready…

Kil it with ((Maxwell’s) silver) hammers

Everybody talk about pop music!




It’s actually very noble and socialist of Mert and Squandered to distract the villagers from werewolf 3 in the hope that their team wins in the end even if they themselves are ultimately ended.

This is precisely what Mert shouldn’t be encouraging if he’s avoid the chop IMO.


You’ve been politely asked not to stoke flames so many times

Wait a minute?!

Are we not allowed to discuss stuff here?

Do we have a thread where we can?

Sorry, I don’t mean to piss people off but I thought the whole point of this thread was because we can chat about you guys in the village which is why you villagers are asked not to comment here at the top? I presumed you guys are best not even reading this one.

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Villagers should stay out of this thread, imho



We’re simple hermits here, tending to the wounded and sick people who’ve been fortunate enough to escape that godforsaken village.

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