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my take is that there are 2 timelines running this season (although this time they are not trying to hide that there are 2 timelines). Someone, I think one of the army people said a few weeks had passed since the host revolt at the end of S1 - so timeline 1 is carrying on straight from the end of S S1 (Bernard with a machine gun, Thandi Newton coming back to westworld from the station place), Timeline 2 is a few weeks later when the army show up (Bernard saying “I killed them all”)


Anyone listening to a podcast for the show?

I’m a big fan of the Bald Move guys and am enjoying their Watching Westworld show.

Big caveat though, they do discuss theories along the way and some of these have proved particularly prescient. Theories that would never occur to me as I watch the show, because my brain doesn’t work like that. I think they’ve decided to deal with those in the final segment of the show now, because not all listeners like to hear ideas that, while not technically spoilers, can impede their enjoyment of a slowly unfolding narrative.


Maybe he… isn’t real :open_mouth:


Episode 2 was a lot slower, hey? Enjoyed the brief appearances of Breaking Baddie and Fargo S02 Baddie. What is the weapon, do we think?


I actually enjoyed it a lot more than the first episode - it was much more focused and fleshed out. Dolores is so fucking cool - very well acted, the assurance of her awakened self. Would the weapon have anything to do with the information they were gathering on everyone who visited? Something bomb-like or biological etc seems way too obvious.



Slower? Well yeah, kind of. But I enjoyed it. Kind of a classic thing isn’t it, go out guns blazing at the beginning and then take a breather after that and look back at what has brought us to this point. I guess.


Absolutely agree about Dolores, she’s abvs amazing. I was a bit disappointed that she and Maeve didn’t team up when they finally met – but it’s pretty likely that they’ll meet again and join forces at some point, I reckon. I’m also pretty intrigued to learn more about what actually happened with Dolores and William in the end, cause even though I only watched the first season a couple of months ago I don’t remember anything more than her just suddenly remembering that it was not the present but actually ages ago.


Hopefully, the weapon is love.


Or the friends they made on the way


Finished watching the first series the other day. Liked bits but the narrative was fucking all over the place. Will get started on the second series tonight.


I’ve had that sense from the first two episodes of the new series as well. Maybe it’s me being thick, but the jumping back and forth and all over the place just feels unclear, and not in a good way - more like True Detective season two (Westworld is much better than that, but they seem to have similar challenges telling the story well).

In the first series it felt to me like they’d sacrificed telling earlier episodes well for the sake of some Big Moments in the later episodes.


its not just you being thick (unless I am too :confused: )
Just tell the fucking story. editing it up like some chopped up version of memento to create false drama and climaxes is a load of horsesheeeeeit


yeah I got pretty fed up with Series 1 because of that - enjoyed it more when I spoilered myself reading the fan theories (which were of course correct)


Maeve’s appearance was way too brief! You’re probably right - they’re both very driven so must end up needing each other eventually to get what they want or something. Didn’t Dolores and William have a run-in near the end where he stabs her and she becomes aware that the ‘dreams’ she has are memories? Or am I getting that mixed up?

One thing I’m really missing is Anthony Hopkins. I could stare at his glittering eyes and listen to his honeyed inflections forever!


Enjoyed series 2 so far. Gave up on working out what the hell is going on about two episodes into series 1 so just enjoying it for what it is. Dolores and Maeve are great, well-acted characters, and I like the idea of going back to the start and the creation of the “world”. It’s cool that the bits set in “the past” are in an almost recognisable near-future, but we’ve got no idea how the world outside has progressed in the time since then.


It is Jonathan Nolan tbf.


Enjoyed episode three, although I’m finding the Dolores storyline to be the least engaging bit of the show at the moment.


CGI of the Tiger


Yeah awful, part of why I’m not enjoying how they’re trying to up the ante. The additional areas are a really boring part of that as well: colonial shit! Samurai! Nah. Do like Maeve’s rag-tag gang though.


do we need to be spoilering? No idea

i liked the tiger and the samurai.

still a bit confused on timelines - think in the latest episode Maeve and co, plus the tiger incident were happening in the “straight after series 1” timeline whereas Delores and the stuff with her dad and Bernard is in the “a few weeks later after the army men show up timeline”


I thought it was all at the same time because Dolores and Maeve cross each other’s paths don’t they?